If someone hasn’t coined this term yet, let me take the credit.  Retroblogging is the act of blogging about stuff that you’ve been meaning to get around to blog about.  Extra credit if your blogging software lets you set the date of your retro posts back to when you originally wrote or meant to write them.

I’m still digging out…

Digging out…

I think I’m finally starting to get back to the things that were put on hold for the past three years with my evening MBA at Berkeley and crazy work.  I was in Italy for a week, my desk and files are tamed, I’m playing more jazz, I’m going out every now and then on a weeknight, etc.

Here are the past three years in a nutshell:

  • Work – several reorgs, big Comcast deal with MSTV
  • School – Got my MBA in May
  • Bought a loft in the city (SF) – 2 years ago, but hey, I’m catching up
  • Lots of business, school and wedding travel