Goodbye 2004 . . . and good riddance.



For a second year in a row I’m glad the previous year is gone.  2003 was hell for me thanks to school, weekly commuting to Seattle from SF for work, two new teams at Microsoft and my Haas MBA classes.  I thought 2004 would turn the page with school completing and me getting some traction with my new team.

Well, 2004 was better than 2003 but not by much.  I’ve never worked so hard in my life.  Those who know me will probably shudder at hearing that, given how hard I worked during the launch of WGTB at Georgetown.  60 hour weeks were looking like light duty last year.  If it wasn’t for the quick trip to Italy with my family, short visits with family and friends and the launch of our MSTV product in Washington state, I probalby would have gone nuts.  Thank God I really enjoy the stuff I work on.

Then, there’s the war, tsunami, sluggish economy, etc. to provide a gloomy backdrop for the year.

Here are my aspirations for 2005:

  • Reclaim my personal life

  • Get some more great people to work on my team

  • Cook more

  • Take care of myself and have more fun

  • Volunteer

  • Take a really long and restful vacation

I made some traction on these things in 2004 but it was either a late-breaking development or it was aborted due to varous reasons.

Here’s to 2005 being what 2004 was supposed to be!


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