I love Sunday



Here’s why:

  • Sunday starts one minute after 11:59pm Saturday night.  Usually Saturday night is pretty good around that time and it tends to get a little better before it winds down.

  • Breakfast – Simply put, I love breakfast food and on Sunday mornings I almost always make a frittata (an Italian omelet), coffee, juice, cereal and bacon or sausage

  • I’m pretty much caught up from the past week.  I work a lot of hours during the week and have a fairly long commute between SF and Mountain View.  That means that a lot of stuff that people do when they get home from work gets put off to Saturday for me.

  • Jazz – My Jazz group usually jams on Sunday morning.

  • Football – Packer games at Zeke’s, the main Packer sports bar in San Francisco.

  • Sunday night TV - I record all of it on my DVR so I can watch it when I want to, but I usually watch some of it delayed on Sunday night.

  • The Sunday paper – The Chronicle is a little weak as a newspaper (I prefer the WSJ or NYT) but there’s just a ritual about reading my local paper on Sunday mornings.

  • Heading to the coast - I try to get some time in at the coast, whether it be hiking, reading the paper, reading magazines or just relaxing.  That doesn’t happen much during winter, but you did see the bullet about football above, right? 🙂


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