Caltrain love poem



I ride caltrain from my home in SF to work in Mountain View just about every day and unfortunately for me, my train is about 80% male.  That being said, every now and then there is someone on Caltrain who has caught my eye.  Just tonight, a neighbor of mine who is a new Caltrain rider asked ”are there any hotties on the train?”.

It’s only appropriate that this evening I stumbled across an article in the Chronicle about a Caltrain love poem contest.  I may have to enter.  If I do, I’ll post it here.


2 responses to “Caltrain love poem”

  1. Shan:

    I maybe way off base and if I am thats cool. But you wouldn’t have happened to attend MUHS did you? If you did I knew you back in the good old days of hi school… in fact a person who was at that time a friend and I even drove from West Bend to go to a Musical with you and Karl. Anyway if this is the right Shan I thought I would say hi!!!


  2. Hey Shan,

    This is Rob Paz, we went to school at MUHS together. I met w/ another Vosseller at work the other day and was wondering what became of you so you were googled and “wahla”. Good to see you are living it up in the Bay Area as my wife and I lived up there for over a year a few years back in Mt View. We now reside in San Diego, but shall be leaving shortly for tobacco country as I will be going to get my MBA at Duke. Super stoked about school, but sad to leave America’s Finest City. Hope all is well.


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