Bay to Breakers 2008



I can’t remember my time for the last two years, but this year I managed to finish at 1:20 which meant I finished probably in the middle of the runners, before the walkers, most naked people and all drunks.

After finishing, I walked back to the 5 mile mark and met up with some coworkers who were walking as the running of the bulls to finish the race for a second time.  Of course, I think the people in Pamplona probably had as much alcohol but a bit more running speed.

After finishing we walked back again to find food around 19th and Irving and then walked further to try and find a taxi or way back.  After a long and very entertaining Muni bus ride, we made it back home where we gorged on falafel we bought at Sunrise Deli (excellent!) and wine.

I’m the one in black without the horns and with the impromptu red sash.


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