New Vista Machine

I just got a new Dell XPS 420 with Vista and I’m putting together a post that outlines the software and config things I do to a new Windows machine.  This post will be updated as I refine it.



Download Apps:

Vista Gadgets:

  • Callwave Visual Voicemail
  • Callwave SMS Sender
  • Weather Underground
  • Systran language converter

Outlook accessories:

  • Hotmail Outlook Connector (now part of Windows Live install)
  • Plaxo

Windows Live:

Personal items:

Hardware Support:

Disk Apps:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Money
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere


Internet Explorer:

  • Turn on Inline Autocomplete
  • Turn on the option for pop-ups to always display in a new tab
  • Change the registry to allow more simultaneous connections
  • Turn off click sound (Windows Sounds –> Navigate)

Windows Live Messenger

Media Center

  • Migrate scheduled recordings and setup Webguide


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