July 26 – Bourg-Saint-Maurice – Lanslebourg – Briancon – Barcelonette



The next morning we had breakfast and headed out to Lanslebourg.  Along the way we passed through Col de l’Iseran which is the highest mountain pass in the Alps.

july25-1 july26-2 july26-3

We stopped for a coffee in Lanslebourg and spotted a bunch of people in parachutes drifting off the winds from the mountain face.

july26-5 july26-4

From Lanslebourg we were off to Briançon, the second highest city in Europe.

july26-6 july26-7 july27-8 july26-9 july26-10


We had a delightful lunch but we could see clouds gathering so the usual long lunch was a bit more rushed.  That said, the food was outstanding — especially the crepes for dessert.

After lunch we were off to Barcelonette.  After escaping the rain for most of the day, it finally caught up with us and Peter had to don his rain gear since his car didn’t have a top to close.  The rain finally passed as we neared Barcelonette.

july26-12 july26-13

We arrived at our hotel, had drinks at the bar and had another excellent meal amongst the locals.


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