My summer 2008 travels in Europe – Part 2: July 25 – Frankfurt/St.Tropez – Annecy – Le Grand-Bornand – Bourg-Saint-Maurice



Having made my way through St. Tropez, I was off to the French Alps to meet up with my Microsoft colleagues driving down from Frankfurt.  We arrived in Annecy, a beautiful town in the French Alps with a clear blue lake at its center.



We enjoyed a lazy lunch and ran quite a bit over our scheduled time that Ralph so carefully put into our itinerary.  Gotta love the Germans!  From Annecy we headed over to Le Grand-Bornand for a short break.



And finally to Bourg-Saint-Maurice to end our first day of driving.  Despite spending more time in Annecy thanks to that lunch, we arrived at our lodge in Bourg-Saint-Maurice much earlier than planned, allowing for some time to unwind, make calls and enjoy some drinks before dinner.


We gathered for dinner in the hotel restaurant and Peter had the first of many meals of steak and fries.


After dinner, the chef treated us to a round of Génépi which is a regional herbal liqueur similar in aroma and taste to Chartreuse.  Since Ralph didn’t like it, I had to make sure his didn’t go to waste since I’m a big Chartreuse fan.


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