July 28 Annecy – Genève – Frankfurt



The next morning we were bleary-eyed as we headed through the small town on the shore and went to breakfast.

july28-2 july28-2a july28-3

After breakfast we bid adieu to France and headed to Geneva.

july28-4 july28-5

We parked at the Ritz hotel, gawked at the oil-funded cars from the middle east parked in front and took a walk along the lake.  We found a shaded place to escape the intense sunlight and treated ourselves to another slow lunch.  I took the opportunity to get my Rivella fix which is a difficult to describe milk-based soda only found in Switzerland.  I tried it there years before and it was as good as I remembered it – a testament to both my memory and my roots as a child of “America’s Dairyland.”  I still don’t know the difference between the red, blue and green Rivella but I was sure to try all three.

After lunch and some more walking we headed back to our cars and had to cope with the land of low speed limits, law-abiding drivers and plentiful speed cameras.  Not soon enough after that, we were back in Germany where we could drive our cars on the autobahn they way they were meant to be driven.  After some hours of driving we stopped off at a gas station and Ralph and Peter headed back to their homes near Frankfurt while I headed to Michael’s home in the small countryside town of Guntersblum.

I met Michael and his girlfriend at their home which was located just down the street from the home Michael grew up in and not far from where his girlfriend was from as well.  Since it was getting late, we headed to a nearby pizzeria for dinner.  Now you might wonder why you’d go to a pizzeria in Germany just before heading to Italy but I assure you this was one of the best pizzas I have ever had.  It turns out that the owner was from Italy and married a woman from Germany.  I enjoyed a great German beer with the pizza so it really was a fitting marriage of food for the proprietors.  We hung out at Michael’s place and I got to play with our product on the DT network which was pretty cool.


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