July 29 – Guntersblum – Rhein



It was raining in the morning and I was exhausted so I slept in for a change.  After catching up on some online tasks, I headed towards the wine region along the Rhein river.  I stopped off in St. Goar and Rudesheim and enjoyed a nice break and some wine in both towns.  Unfortunately the rain wasn’t cooperating much so I didn’t get to take many pictures.


In Rudesheim there was a great cuckoo clock store.


Having gotten my fix of castles, wine and clocks, I headed towards Ralph’s house where we had a barbecue to wrap up the “road rally with the Germans” segment of my trip.  It was a pleasure meeting Ralph’s wife and son and seeing my colleagues one last time before heading back towards Munich.  We had an enjoyable evening going through the photos and video, eating some excellent grilled food and drinking some wine from the region.

I want to thank Peter and Ralph’s wives for allowing their husbands to tear around the roads of the French Alps for a few days with me.  I am especially grateful to Ralph for putting together an incredible itinerary and making all the reservations.


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