Happy 70th!

The Golden Gate Bridge turned 70 today.  I remember a brochure my dad found from my grandparents’ house.  They drove out to California on their honeymoon at the time that the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate bridge were being built.  I’m sure that it was built in less time than it took to fight court injunctions and hearings for the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge.

San Diego weather forecaster – easiest job in the world

My family and I are visiting San Diego and the weather here has been great.  The weatherman on the local news basically just wears a Hawaiian shirt and jokes around about the beach.  Basically, the weather is mid 70s and foggy early, clearing later to become sunny . . . all summer.

How are the local weather forecasters evaluated?  Their jokes?  Their outfits?

New Smartphone

I just purchased an Audiovox SMT5600 Microsoft Smartphone.  I’ll keep updating this entry with the steps I use to set it up.

  1. Install ActiveSync 3.8 (not the one on the CD)
  2. Go to the smartphone site to setup corporate email
  3. Setup passport for phone number and pin so it’s easier to login – go to member services
  4. Sync my phone with USB
  5. Install Pocket Streets 2005
  6. Order a bluetooth headset
  7. Order a bluetooth dock for the pharos GPS I have

  8. Order a Mini SD card


  1. Bluetooth sync doesn’t appear to work.  Not a big surprise given the weak MS bluetooth support.