Local Jazz jam sessions

Aside from the (now very irregular) jazz jam sessions at Dick’s place, I’m hoping to check out some other venues in the area.  There was an article in the SF Chronicle a while back and here’s the list of places:

  • Sunday night: Jazz at Pearl’s

  • Sunday afternoon: Dogpatch Saloon

  • Monday night: Shanghai 1930

  • Wednesday night: Amnesia

Being a drummer, it’s tough to sit in at jam sessions but nonetheless, I’m a big fan of live improvisation and jam sessions are where you often get the best of that.

San Diego weather forecaster – easiest job in the world

My family and I are visiting San Diego and the weather here has been great.  The weatherman on the local news basically just wears a Hawaiian shirt and jokes around about the beach.  Basically, the weather is mid 70s and foggy early, clearing later to become sunny . . . all summer.

How are the local weather forecasters evaluated?  Their jokes?  Their outfits?

Happy birthday Golden Gate Bridge

Today, in 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge opened to vehicular traffic.  Aside from the fact that my grandparents drove from Iowa to San Francisco on their honeymoon, the bridge was:

  • Completed in 4 years
  • Completed ahead of schedule
  • Completed under budget

Ah, savor the days before lawsuits and politicians got in the way of bridge construction.  Sometimes I think that this country’s government institutions have lost their ability to get things done efficiently (or at all).